Acer Aspire One : Game Emulators

Written by Computer Nerd from on March 8th, 2010 | 25 Comments

Acer Aspire One netbook running SEVERAL game emulators. Games galore! 1.6GHZ XP 120GB HD with 1GB of Ram. 348 dollars from Walmart. Using an Xbox 360 Wireless controller using a wireless gaming receiver. Running Project64, epsxe, Nestopia, SNES, Gens32. Links : Wireless Gaming Receiver Driver Download epsxe (downloads) epsxe (Plugins) Project 64 Gens32 – official release thread Generation Roms pspisoz PSX downloadz Pirate Bay

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25 Responses to “Acer Aspire One : Game Emulators”

  1. ncpr707

    @glennthegunt I doubt it. Go scope their page and chk the requirements… but honestly, i don’t think it wld. sorry bro.

  2. ncpr707

    @willywankin true that.

  3. willywankin

    it would be very slow

  4. glennthegunt

    does dolphin work on your computer

  5. ncpr707

    @ViolinSnowKid having trouble? thats prob what you meant to say. i’d say to make sure you download all the plugins. try dif plugins. trial and error. PLUS make sure you have a good game disc, and try dif bios. ALTHO, i’m aware that you SHOULD be using your OWN bios, if you are doing things “legally”… good luck. trial and error my friend.

  6. ViolinSnowKid

    Wonder, did you have to overclock your netbook or do anything to get epsxe working? I Have a Eee PC and I am having running epsxe.

  7. ncpr707

    huh. that might be true…? as i used the steam version but i dnt see how the graphics or physcs would run on a netbook with no graphics CARD. its just an integrated chip. whats the requirements of portal?

  8. TheiPodTouchShow

    portal runs for me, pirated versions of steam games work better (as steam isnt running in the background)

  9. ncpr707

    i never said it cld run dolphin. it can’t even run portal… or anything super hard core. i know what you mean.

  10. Tiars666tiamat

    @youngin518 Dude Dolphin barely runs decently on my Athlon x2 3.1, 9800gt, 4gb ram. The only emus that can run almost perfect on netbooks is Project 64 and below

  11. ncpr707

    i have a video, far cry runs alright. nothing great, but it runs and its playable. counter strike along with half life and the orange box style games require too much physics. portal straight freezes. too much physics.

  12. M4R10zM0113R

    Yes i was talking bout far cry,
    I have one acer aspire one, barely runs Counter Strike 1.6 smoothly

  13. ncpr707

    lol. what does? clearly you aren’t watching the video? WHAT? are you talking about… Far Cry? Games that ARE NOT emulation? que es? what are you talking about?

  14. M4R10zM0113R

    @ncpr707 runs at 1fph. seriously

  15. ncpr707

    emu paradise, dope roms, rom freaks, generation roms

  16. jojorockshard0g8

    hey do u have any ideas for were to download

  17. ncpr707

    no problem. cheers!

  18. imperialpod

    Ah OK cheers.

  19. ncpr707

    no graphics card. integrated chip, BUT as you can see it’s all you need for gaming emulation. it runs into some walls for Dreamcast and MAME… but MOST emulators WILL run and run WELL. its not a gaming rig. its a decent emulator rig though.

  20. ncpr707

    It is an open sourced hand held that looks like a hacked PSP SHOULD look. cross between a PSP and a NDS. 340 dollars gets you one out of 3500 pandora handhelds. It’s the best pocket emulator you can buy and one of a kind. psx, dreamcast, etc. Google open pandora

  21. imperialpod

    Cheers for vid.

    I know all the specs but they NEVER mention the graphics card or its size ie. 128 mb etc.

    Any idea’s?


  22. blobloblo6

    Err, quick question. What is Pandora? I googled it, but I got results on GIMP plugins, and other stuff.

  23. ncpr707

    i haven’t tried it but others tell me it doesn’t work… :-(

  24. youngin518

    have you gotten the gamecube dolphin emulator to work for this?… im not the worst with technology.. but i cant figure it out

  25. ncpr707

    the dpad wasn’t perfect so the pushed the date. everything is done. Mass production has started. you can check their web site. current status is mostly green now. it passed the ce testing and what not. MP has STARTED! :-)